Customer Survey Success!

Survey Glasses

At the conclusion of our audits and investigations we send a short, nine question survey to department management to assist us in determining whether or not we have met the needs of our customers. We use the responses regarding timeliness, sufficiency and value added as part of our performance measures and have now included them in our Smart Goals. While we appreciate all responses, as they can only help us to better understand our customers and their needs, we are particularly proud when surveys are returned with responses being “Strongly Agree.”

Melynda Childree and Kim Likens recently received survey responses with a strongly agree average for their recently completed reports.

Jim Wikstrom’s survey response was: “Melynda was very professional and very respectful. She was a pleasure to work with and I greatly appreciate her working with me.”

Greg Evans survey response was: “Always a pleasure working with OIG because it provides assurance that the department is dedicated to providing effective service to our customers while being good stewards of taxpayer funds.

Thank you to Jim Wikstrom and Greg Evans who took time to provide a response to the customer survey.