Customer Service

Customer Surveys are In!

Customer Service

At the conclusion of our audits and investigations, we send a short, nine-question survey to department management to assist us in determining whether or not we have met the needs of our customers. We use the responses regarding timeliness, sufficiency and value-added as part of our performance measures and have now included them in our Smart Goals. While we appreciate all responses, as they can only help us to better understand our customers and their needs, we are particularly proud when surveys are returned with responses being “Strongly Agree.”

Paul Wai responded to the Turnpike Enterprise ITS Inventory audit by stating, “The Audit team kept the Turnpike team engaged with the status of the off-site reviews and additional feedback needed.” Thanks to Shannel Gordon and Amy Furney of the Performance & Information Technology team on receiving a total score of 3.56 on this assignment!

Another survey that received one of the highest scores of 4.0 was the District Three, Public Records investigation thanks to the efforts of Rich Schill and Lori Van Riper. District Secretary Phillip Gainer recognized our contributions by commenting, “Thanks for taking on a very difficult case. The District was very appreciative of the effort to help with a challenging situation.”

Jim Spalla recorded an overall score of 3.89 for the Performance Measures Audit for FY 14/15 and quoted, “Report provided additional validation to not only “what we do” but also “why we do it”.” In addition, Erik Fenniman came in with a 3.78 score for the Ethics Governance Audit. So more great work from our Performance & Information Technology team.

We would like to thank all managers who complete the surveys and provide us comments on our performance so that we can recognize our staff members who are doing great work and we can identify any areas in need of improvement.

During Fiscal Year 2016/17, the Audit section disseminated a total of 31 survey’s.  The overall average score was 3.61 out of 4.0 for those survey responses.  The Investigations section also disseminated 24 survey’s from their assignments, with an overall average score response of 3.45 out of 4.0.   These are great scores and hope to improve on those in the coming year!

So in closing, we would like to add that in fiscal year 2017-2018, we will be implementing a new survey tool in order to obtain your results and feedback. We think this new tool will be easier for you to use with radio buttons, modified rating scales, and one single location to provide your overall comments.

It will also assist the OIG team in collecting the data and analyzing the results for improved performance. We look forward to this new product beginning July 1, 2017.