Customer Service

Customer Surveys are In!

Our customer survey results are very important to us. We use the responses from our customers to obtain insight into our performance regarding timeliness, sufficiency and value-added as part of our performance measures and include them in our Smart Goals. While all responses are appreciated, as they can only help us to better understand our customers and their needs, we are particularly proud when surveys are returned with responses being “Strongly Agree.”

The staff in the Investigation section received high scores of 3.89 and 4.0 on two of their top assignments this quarter with comments from CIO Greg Smiley stating, “Thank you for your effort and exceptional work. It is evident that your investigation was thorough. I have been consistently impressed with the quality and thorough performance of OIG. Always professional. Thank you.” Also, Executive Director Paul Wai commending the team for their quick response on the investigation. So, job well done by all team members that worked on those assignments.

Also, on the audit side of the office, the Intermodal section received a perfect 4.0 score from Rickey Fitzgerald for their work on the CSX Transportation Cost Rates assignment with Rickey quoting, “The OIG continues to provide professional and prompt service to the Freight and Multimodal Operations Office.” The customer service couldn’t have been any higher! In addition, the Contract Section received a 3.89 score on the Non-Professional Services engagement published in January. So, thanks to everyone who contributed to those assignments!

We would like to thank all managers who complete the survey’s and provide us comments e so that we can recognize our staff members who are doing great work and we can identify any areas in need of improvement.


by DeGreta Corbin | QAOS Manager