Review of South Florida Regional Transportation Authority.

In February 2017, State Senator Jeff Brandes requested the Florida Department of Transportation (department), Office of Inspector General (OIG), review the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority’s (SFRTA) Procurement Policy and compare it to the State of Florida procurement requirements. This request was initiated when SFRTA awarded a contract (Agreement 16-010) in excess of $511 million to Herzog Transit Services, Inc. Senator Brandes also requested that the OIG determine if SFRTA followed its Procurement Policy in awarding Agreement 16-010 to Herzog Transit Services, Inc. In preparation for the 2016 Request for Proposal (RFP), SFRTA elected to bundle four contracts for services … Continue reading Review of South Florida Regional Transportation Authority.

OIG Annual Report

Each year, the Office of Inspector General is required by statute to prepare and submit an annual report which includes a description of activities relating to the development, assessment, and validation of performance measures; a description of significant abuses and deficiencies relating to the administration of agency programs and operations disclosed by investigations, audits, reviews, or other activities during the reporting period; a description of recommendations for corrective action made by the OIG during the reporting period; the identification of each significant recommendation described in previous annual reports on which corrective action has not been completed; and a summary of … Continue reading OIG Annual Report

Customer Surveys are In!

At the conclusion of our audits and investigations, we send a short survey to department management to assist us in determining whether or not we have met the needs of our customers. We use the responses regarding timeliness, sufficiency and value-added as part of our performance measures and have now included them in our Smart Goals. While we appreciate all responses, as they can only help us to better understand our customers and their needs, we are particularly proud when surveys are returned with responses being “Strongly Agree.” Two audit projects, Information Technology Resource Expenditures Audit (Dennis Mottesheard) and the … Continue reading Customer Surveys are In!

Our new and first, second generation team member

It’s always great that we can say, “We knew them when…” as previous OIG team members have moved forward into other roles within the department and continued to thrive. Some of those previous members are: Daniel Cashin; Robin Naitove; Mark Reichert; Lisa Wilkerson; Patrick Craig; Jeffery Owens; Lisa Evans; Myndi Craig; Sean McAuliffe; Thais Wilson; Lawrence Howard; Jon Cook; Denise Mottesheard; Pam Manley; Quinton Tillman. But now, we can also say that we have hired our new and first, second generation member, whose father previously worked in the OIG. Ms. Rhianna Reichert joins us as an Operations and Management Consultant I on our Quality … Continue reading Our new and first, second generation team member